North Jakarta Flooding- January 2014

As you know, there was flooding in Jakarta a few weeks ago. Greg ended-up closing school for four days total with a weekend sandwiched in-between…good thing we are easily amused since we were stuck in one place for soooo long! There was some flooding, again, last week in part of the city but not badly enough in our area to close school… the canal was getting pretty close to over-flowing again but luckily, it stopped raining so heavily.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to upload some more video and pictures to properly document our perspective of the flooding. Here’s a short video of people wading through the water to get to the grocery store.


And, here’s a link to the pictures I took that are uploaded to my Flickr account, but if the link doesn’t work, just click on my Flikr photos on the right-hand side of this page then look for “Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta Flood” (just click around, you’ll find it):

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